How is Leslie Fish any different from other acoustic singer-songwriters? Well…

Maybe it's her twangy three-octave voice. She exercises it by singing the soprano, alto and tenor parts of "The Messiah".

Maybe it's her unique instrumental style. Not many people use four finger-picks to play a 12-string guitar, not many use light-gauge silver-wound silk-and-steel compound strings, and not many combine Blues, Rock, Country and Flamenco playing techniques.

Maybe it's the amazing range of the topics of her songs. She's written and sung about the space program ("Hope Eyrie"), military tactics ("Hosedown"), medieval history-recreation ("The Cripples' Shield Wall"), Rudyard Kipling's poetry ("Recessional"), fantasy books like Lord of the Rings ("Fellowship Going South"), and too many others to mention.

Or maybe it's the weird company she keeps. Leslie has been seen and heard singing at folk festivals, science-fiction conventions, Renaissance Faires, political gatherings, cartoonists' conferences, medieval history gatherings, Pagan ceremonies and house parties - ranging from Austria to Australia. As she puts it: "I can't say I've been everywhere and done everything, but there's not much that surprises me."

Photos by famed photographer Oleg Volk