The late great Frank Gasperik - longtime fan, folksinger, filker, raconteur, and character appearing as "Harry Reddington" in Niven and Pournelle's SF novel, "Fallen Angels" - was living in my house when he died of a heart attack last year. Having made no will except to name me as his next of kin, Frank left me his cat, his guns, his guitars, his car, his collection of LPs, CDs, DVDs and videotapes, and his enormous library. I'm selling them to folks who I think would appreciate them - namely, the sort of fans who are likely to come look at my website. So, for anyone interested, here's the list:

with a listing of what you want, and send payment thru PayPal to lesliefish(at)cox.net


(These were the last guitars Frank played after his health started going bad. His hands were weakened to the point where he couldn't play steel strings, so he used hard plastic.)

  • FL0001 A Honda 12-string, good condition, strung with black hard-plastic strings. $40.
  • FL0002 A Honda 6-string, good condition, strung with black hard-plastic strings. $30.

(I have no idea yet what the postage on these will be.)


(Frank had eclectic - and weird - tastes in music, comedy and sound effects. A lot of these are so rare and far out that I've never seen them anywhere else.)

Prices: $5 each, plus $5.45 postage and insurance.

  • FL0003 "The Crepitation Contest", David Owens: very adult humor.
  • FL0004 "The United States of America", Stan Freeberg: political musical satire.
  • FL0005 "Down Town", Petula Clark: rock classic.
  • FL0006 "Sounds of History: The Age of Steel and Steam", Life Magazine: historical quotes and music.
  • FL0007 "Sounds of History: The Progressive Era", Life Magazine: " "
  • FL0008 "Sounds of History: Reaching for Empire", Life Magazine: " "
  • FL0009 "Gentlemen, Be Seated", Allen Roth: "a complete minstrel show". (SOLD)
  • FL0010 "Basin Street East", Peggy Lee: classic jazz songs.
  • FL0011 "Pass Me By", Peggy Lee: " "
  • FL0012 "The Man I Love", Peggy Lee: " "
  • FL0013 Bizet's "Carmen", Rise Stevens et al: the classic opera.
  • FL0014 "Telemann Concerti", Vienna Symphony: Classical woodwinds.
  • FL0015 "Time Further Out", The Dave Brubeck Quartet: classic jazz.
  • FL0016 "Dokken the Hunter", Michael Wagener: modern Classical.
  • FL0017 Rimsky-Korsakov's "Kitezh Suite" and "Coq d'Or Suite", Prague Symphony Orchestra: Classical orchestral pieces.
  • FL0018 "How the West Was Won", Alfred Newman: movie sound track.
  • FL0019 "The Electric Prunes": intro album by the classic rock band.
  • FL0020 Bach's "Brandenburg Concerti #3 and #4", Fritz Reiner: Classical.
  • FL0021 Tchaikovsky's "Romeo and Juliet Overture, 1812 Overture, and March Slav", London Symphony Orchestra: three Classical pieces.
  • FL0022 "Dixieland Jazz from the Terrific Twenties", Longines Symphony Orchestra.
  • FL0023 "Highlights from 'Victory At Sea'", London Philharmonic Orchestra: soundtrack.
  • FL0024 Liszt's "Hungarian Fantasia", Smetana's "Wedding Scenes", and Dvorjak's "Noctourne For Strings", Linz Symphony Orchestra: Classical pieces.
  • FL0025 Gershwin's "Rhapsody in Blue", Boston Pops: classic jazz.
  • FL0026 "New Orleans Rhythm Kings, with Jelly Roll Morton", classic jazz.
  • FL0027 "A Sign of the Times", Joe Pass: jazz versions of classic pop.
  • FL0028 "Big Smash", Wreckless Eric: weird experimental rock.
  • FL0029 "Monk's Greatest Hits", Thelonious Monk: classic blues and jazz.
  • FL0030 "Hi Home, I'm Honey", Bob Zany: comedy songs.
  • FL0031 "The Book of Knowledge", Belle Barth: very adult humor.
  • FL0032 "White Boy Rapp": intro album, comedy with songs.
  • FL0033 "The Renegade Whiteman", Ollie Joe Prater: stand-up comedy.
  • FL0034 "Digest the Stars", Roger & Roger: adult stand-up comedy.
  • FL0035 "Sing a Song with Riddle", Nelson Riddle: do-it-yourself karaoke.
  • FL0036 "Erotique: The Words, Music and Rhythms of Love": just what it says. Very adult.
  • FL0037 "On Bourbon Street With the Dukes of Dixieland": classic jazz.
  • FL0038 "The Melodic Stan Getz": likewise classic jazz.
  • FL0039 "Mr. Trumpet", Harry James & Band: more classic jazz and swing.
  • FL0040 "The Dancing '30s In Percussion", Ted Sommer and Bill Lavorgna: classic '30s swing with percussion solos.


(Frank left enough books to supply a small city library, covering everything from SciFi to Mystery to Military History to Cooking. This isn't anywhere near the final list; I'm still sorting out those cartons and cartons of books.)

Hardbacks: $5 each plus $3.75 postage and insurance.

  • FL0041 "The Fire Horse", Denis M. Way: historical fiction set in 20th-century China.
  • FL0042 "Stardance", Spider and Jeanne Robinson: the famous SciFi novel of dancing in outer space.
  • FL0043 "The Odd Job", Charlotte MacLeod: a Sarah Kelling mystery.
  • FL0044 "The Methodist Hymnal", 1935 edition.
  • FL0045 "Who's On First", William F. Buckley, Jr.: political thriller.
  • FL0046 "The Third Ear", Curt Siodmak: SciFi thriller about the political effects of artificial telepathy.
  • FL0047 "Vanished", Fletcher Knebel: classic political thriller.
  • FL0048 "Kim", Rudyard Kipling: illustrated, the classic tale of the British Secret Service in Victorian India, disguised as a children's adventure story.
  • FL0049 "Death of a Dentist", M.C. Beaton: a Hamish Macbeth mystery.
  • FL0050 "Moon of the Wolf", Leslie H. Whitten: odd-twist mystery in 1960s Mississippi.
  • FL0051 "Bullfinch's Mythology": all three volumes under one cover.
  • FL0052 "The Edge", Dick Francis: murder mystery on a train, with horses
  • FL0053 "Universe 7", Terry Carr: 1977 SciFi story collection.
  • FL0054 "Modern English Handbook", Gorrell and Laird: complete writer's guide.
  • FL0055 "Worldwar: Upsetting the Balance", Harry Turtledove: alternate history.
  • FL0056 "The Greening of Mars", Lovelock and Allaby: suggestions on terraforming Mars.
  • FL0057 "Nothing Brightens the Garden Like Primrose Pants", Denys Parsons: a merry collection of newspaper misprints, illustrated.
  • FL0058 "Whose Body?", Dorothy Sayers: a Lord Peter Whimsey mystery.
  • FL0059 "Better Homes and Gardens Decorating Book": complete basics.
  • FL0060 "Holidays Remembered", Leisure Arts: a tapestry pattern collection with seasonal themes.

(Stay tuned: more to come)